Charger Baterai Alkaline Auto Detect









Baterai alkaline yang sudah anda gunakan dapat di isi ulang kembali dengan alat ini. Fungsi charger baterai ini “Auto-Detect Charger Baterai” dapat mengaktifkan bahan kimia dan meningkatkan tegangan baterai yang digunakan. Jadi baterai sekali pakai dapat digunakan kembali lagi dan lagi sampai bahan kimia dan tegangan benar-benar habis.

– Applicable for AA and AAA & C type alkaline / Ni-MH batteries
– LED status indicators
– Micro-processor chip controlled system
– Auto detecting battery type
– Auto setting charging current according to battery type and status
– Auto running stability charging current after full charged
– Safety charging timer auto setting
– Auto cut off after charging completed
– Auto cut off once batteries fall-off
– Overheat free
– Fool-Proof against misplacement of batteries in wrong poles
– Unversal voltage range: AC 100V~AC 240V
– CE , RoHs, GS. Approved.

Input Voltage: AC 100~240V 50/60Hz 6W
Output Voltage: DC1.8V x 4
Maximum Output Current:300mA x 4
Fuse Rating 0.5A / 250Vac
Applicable for battery type: Alkaline / Ni-MH ; AA / AAA / C type

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